Enrichment Classes

Early Education at Little River Montessori School

Enrich & Expand Interests

Instructors from organizations around the Knoxville and Maryville area offer afternoon enrichment activities at Little River on a rotating basis. Our goal is to help children explore various enrichment activities without those activities taking over important family time. Plus, Little River believes enrichment can expand students’ minds, interests, and lives. These activities can also provide students with hands-on experiences that relate to concepts that are discovered in the Montessori classroom setting. With enrichment, students not only have fun but can engage students in unique experiences that they may not otherwise be exposed to. These activities can also assist with student social skills as they learn exciting activities together and bond.

Examples of Enrichment:

  • Soccer
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Piano
  • Seasonal activities

These classes are constantly changing so please check with us to see what classes are currently being offered. We try to continually expand and revitalize the program throughout the year so that students can be constantly challenged with new and thought-provoking experiences.

If you have additional questions about our enrichment program offers, or if you would like to suggest an activity, feel free to contact our team. We love finding new ways to stimulate our students and cherish the input of guardians. It also helps us to provide your child with endeavors that prompt their curiosity.

Why Montessori?

Enrichment pairs perfectly with the Montessori methodology which encourages students to learn through self-discovery and leads students to learn based on their interests. Each child can learn at their own rhythm in a way that allows them to feel as though they are not learning or being taught. Plus, enrichment allows them to use this method to apply to their passions which is a skill that they can use throughout their lives. Children gain a sense of independence, curiosity, and esteem that is only accomplished through Dr. Montessori’s methodology, and it is especially seen through enrichment activities.