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Early Education at Little River Montessori School
Let your child be surrounded by nature at Little River’s Forest Campus.
The Forest Campus school is geared towards early childhood and elementary students and is located off a quiet street surrounded by trees and hiking trails. While all our Montessori method classrooms feature key learning material, the Forest campus offers unique advantages like hiking trails and a “ninja” course playground for adventurous children.

Benefits of our Forest Campus include:

  • School surrounded by 27 acres of forest
  • Private hiking trail
  • Natural playground with slack line and “ninja” course
  • Community garden with a greenhouse, beehive, chicken coop
  • Classroom pets
  • Reading library
  • Fiber arts teacher


Forest Campus Programs


Steam Lab

Early Childhood


Why Montessori?

Overall, what makes this method of learning so different compared to other conventional forms of education today, is that the teacher does not stand in front of the class and teach each child the same lesson all at once. Each child is allowed to learn at their own rhythm in a way that allows them to feel as though they are in fact not learning or being taught. Children gain a sense of independence, curiosity, and esteem that is only accomplished through Dr. Montessori’s methodology.